Tuesday, July 21, 2015

"Every Hero Has a Story" Summer reading Fun!

We are so excited ! Summer reading has started everywhere! The kids have signed  up with the local library in our town, . The program, titled "Every Hero Has a Story", encourages the children to spend time reading at least 30 minutes a day. They reward the children at the end of the program, with pizza gift cards, Itune gift cards, movie gift cards, a chance to win mini comic notebook and drawing kits. This library is also hosting a Read to attend Lock In for the middle kid readers!


The little ones cant wait to dig into these books! In fact they have already read a few of them. The kiddos are learning to read and they get so excited when they recognize words in the book that they know. Take turns, and let them read to you. My three year old she is not reading yet, but its always interesting to her the story's she makes up by looking at the pictures.

If you have not signed up for any summer reading programs, find one in your local area. If you are real creative you can make up a summer reading program for your own kiddos at home. Creating a summer reading calendar is a great place to start!

My older son loves books about horses, and any comical story. I try to have him step out of his comfort reading zone and read something new, maybe a classic, mystery or something nonfiction. We usually end up negotiating, for every book I choose for him to read then he can pick one that him and I can read together. It works!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Skulls and Cross Bones, A Fad That Needs to Fade!

I am sure you have seen this symbol on almost everything; shoes, shorts, toys, games, dishes, and the most popular t-shirt. Did the fashion industry just run out of good ideas or something? Why is this fad so popular anyway? Have you ever stopped and wondered why would I every purchase skull and cross bones for anyone in my family? Now don't get me wrong I love fashion just as much as the next person, especially when it comes to out of the box ideas. But come on, couldn't they come up with something better than this?

Lets stop and think for a moment, what does the skull and cross bones represent? According to journalist Richard Cassaro, "The Skull & Cross Bones is an ancient symbol with a powerful, hidden meaning. Today the Skull & Cross Bones signifies “poison” and we’re warned to “stay away.” But this is an intentional deception by the elite to hide the symbol’s true meaning. In fact, the Skull & Cross Bones is an ancient instrument used by sorcerers to gain spiritual power". The Skull and Cross Bones is "the symbol placed on a person or object signifying death, finality, or one who is marked for death".

 Do you feel comfortable marking yourself and kid for death? That's right Death! Are we allowing society to find their way into our homes with their beliefs of whats cool? We are families that set morals, make traditions, set expectations and exhibit love. Parenting is not for cowards,  we must examine the things that we bring in our homes. Just like we take the time to monitor our children's social media paths, we should do the same in this fad and let this one FADE!

For more information on the history of skull and cross bones check out this site:

Friday, November 1, 2013

Daddy's Hands

One Father is Worth more than A Hundred Schoolmasters.....George Herbert
Strong Hands

Helping Hands
Learning Hands
Tiny Hands
Daddy's Hands

Monday, September 9, 2013

Your Hands are In To Many Pots!

Its not hard for me to say "No"!. However I often find myself taking on more things than I really need to be involved in. The other problem that I have, well,  I am pretty good at everything I take on. That may sound a little cocky, but that's not my intention. You see, I have started so many things and at some point enjoyed them all, but then I get bored, or ....wait for it, wait for it,...I realize that most of my activities don't involve my family! my Husband keep telling me,"Donna, your hands are in to many pots!" Sigh! Maybe he is Right! 

In my last post I shared that I started my own business! Still doing that, but, I struggle with the how much time it takes away,along with the other things I do, from my family. The whole point was to have something that was for me.

Now that might sound really bad! But, sometimes I just want to do my own thing. But my own thing is distracting me at times from what is important. The days, weeks and months are going by so fast and I don't want to miss out on the fun my family might be having around me, because I am always trying to meet deadlines or help someone else out.

Now I do believe in ministries or giving back so I don't want to confuse anyone. I just  want more tickles and cuddles with my children. I need more silly moments, and ''remember when we use to ... '', with my Hubbie! I think God has given me all these gifts, desires, and talents, But right now I need him to show me how to use them with the special people he has placed in my life.

Some people would say you have to be  organized, but organization is not so much the problem, just over worked and overwhelmed! Maybe I will try girls day/night out, until my little ones are older, then focus more on me. So tell me ladies, does your personal time over shadow or overtake the time you should spend with your family (Facebook, Google, blogging, shopping, career moves ect...)?

The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.
Proverbs 14:1

I know this video is something we all have seen, but it never gets old to me. It seems to help keep me grounded. It reminds me how blessed I am and how many women would love to do the job God has chosen for me every day!

Signing off,
Just Reporting The Things I See .....this time with me..;)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mamma's Work is Never Done!

"So glad to see you again, I have not seen you since I don't know when, we are the marching bulldog  band, and we are the best band, best band, best band in the land! Oh Oh!" This was a song we sang when I was on the dance team in college to the other bands at the start of a football game..good times!

I have created some good times with you as well, and sorry I have been out of the loop for a while. But It was not due to anything terrible. I took time to start something for myself! Yes for me!  I started a new business! This is a big deal for me. You see, I have been beating my self up with trying to meet all  the needs of my family, that I have forgotten about me. I wanted something that I could say was strictly my own, not my hubbies or the kiddos!

So with a lot of help I launched  The Sequel Online Consignment Boutique!
                                      So Please stop by and check out what I have been up to!
                                                              Here are a few of my looks


I am also on Facebook would love for some of you home-school moms and home-school entrepreneur moms to stop by and like my page, to have your support would be wonderful!

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Cleanliness is Next To.... Please Don't Just Step Over That Sock!

Lately I have been so wrapped up with trying to make my household perfect! Even though I know this is not possible, but in my own little world I seek to try to make it this way. When I started my family, I dreamed of being the perfect mom! I wanted to be Clair Huxtable from the Cosby Show, Harriett Winslow from Family Matters.  Maggie Seaver from Growing Pains or Vivian Banks, from Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I am an 80's child, so all these women I watched as a young girl. My husband laughs at all of the women I chose to compare myself with as the perfect mother! He says Clare did not run her house Cliff did, Ha ,Ha!
I do understand these women are just characters, but they seemed to always have it together when dealing with there children, careers, and husbands.  I guess that's what fascinates me. I wonder is there a woman who can manage all of these things in the real world? The cooking, cleaning, medicine, teaching, ironing , washing, uplifting, appointments, healthy body, cuddling, kiss the boo boos, love making, church, ministries, career, friends, ... Oh I could go on and on! BUT , According to the Bible , there was one, The Proverbs 31 Woman. She got up early in the morning, she worked with willing hands, planted a vineyard, takes care of the poor, brings good to her husband, children  call her blessed, oh and my personal  favorite, she laughs at the days to come?! And there is still so much more.
I have to stick to the schedule, and there will be NO dishes in the sink, or dirty floors, or unfolded clothes, I hate to say it but if there is, I am a unhappy wife or mommy! Wow how I wish it did not bother me, in fact I will do one better, how my husband, and children wished it did not bother me either! Ha! I mean really, am I the only one who see's the sock on the floor!
See as a homeschooling, business owner, stay at home mom of three, and wife of a hottie :) , things have to stay in order or I can't wrap my brain around things. If the house is out of control so is mommy! That's why  I love sites like http://iheartorganizing.blogspot.com/, and  http://simplemom.net/.
So my goal is to continue to study the Proverbs 31 woman with Courtney at http://womenlivingwell.org. She has a free ebookso go down load it today!
Also still reading by Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson. Just wanted to say thank you to TeacherMomma at http://branyact.blogspot.com/, for reading it with me! Will you join us?
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Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Gone Wrong

I'm sure you had a long fulfilling weekend and guess what so did I; you all know a mother’s work is never done! We certainly had an enjoyable time in my home. But you know what; this Easter has been an eye opener for me.  Have you noticed that Easter has become more like Christmas; nothing but Clothes, Gifts, Toys and Sales!  As I walked through department and grocery stores, I see baskets filled with toys, candy, games, toy eggs, you name it. But nothing about our Savior!  Just like Xmas, Christ has been removed.  I see parents trying to make their children happy by buying baskets filled with wants that have nothing to do with the meaning of Easter. It seems as though families have forgotten how to spend time with one another. It’s like we forgotten the wonderful things we did as children on Easter Day. I remember the week leading up to Easter; we would spend time coloring eggs trying to see who was going to come up with the best design. But now Easter is about who has the best outfit.  

As I browse through some of my favorite blogs, I see you guys have not forgotten the true meaning of Easter! +Kim Huff at 
Shared 5 scriptural facts  your children should know about Passover! And who can forget about those

Resurrection Rolls, not +Tricia Hodges , visit her blog and get a yummy recipe for next Easter. 

Want your family to learn something poetic about our Savior , well stop by +Christy Willis at  

she, shared a wonderful poem by M.S. Lowndes titled Resurrection Sunday   

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